Dear visitor,

Let us change the internet and earn generation-defining profits by doing so through... well, gigantic websites!

My name is Andrei Polgar. I'm a PhD economist, a WSJ and USA Today bestselling author as well as a well-known social media educator (with One Minute Economics being my most popular project). Definitely not the type of person who makes poorly calculated decisions.

I've always dreamed about building what I now call gigantic websites, so internet properties with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of articles. Unfortunately, hiring a team that consisted of 100+ writers has been outside reach for me financially. Thus, up until the AI revolution, my dream has been inaccessible for pragmatic reasons. But not anymore!


What Are We Selling?

Simply put, websites that are powered by WordPress and contain thousands upon thousands of articles such as:

The more articles you order, the less you pay per article. In other words, we will:

Install the WordPress website from scratch. You simply provide your hosting login details and we will build a WordPress website optimized for SEO (an insanely fast load speed and on-page optimization, for example) as well as usability (easy-to-use desktop + mobile versions)

Create hundreds (a minimum of 500) or thousands of articles. From keyword research to everything else, we will handle the process from A to Z and ensure that your website has not just an amazing volume of content but also that said content is genuinely useful

Publish all of the articles. In other words, zero work will be required on your part and after drawing the line, you will have a gigantic website that you can use as you please


How Much Does This Cost?

It all depends on the number of articles your website will have:


Already Have a Website?

If you already have a WordPress-powered website (one we have created for you, one you have built yourself or one another provider has created, it does not matter as long as it is a WordPress-powered site) and are interested in letting us populate it with articles on a regular basis, we can offer two packages:


How to Get Started? is still in its infancy and thus, to ensure we do not take on more work than we can handle, there is no automated system in place for ordering at this point. Instead, those interested in our services can send an email to with a few details about the project and we will reply as soon as possible (usually within a few hours).


Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

From wire transfers and PayPal to cryptocurrencies, a wide range of payment methods are available. We will do our best to adapt to whichever method works best for each individual client. To inquire about a specific method or anything else, send an email to the aforementioned address and we will see what we can do.


How Long Will the Process Take?

While a small project (small by standards, that is) involving 500 - 1,000 articles can be finished within 30 days, the process can take well over one year for websites with hundreds of thousands of articles. However, this does not mean said websites cannot be promoted and/or monetized before everything is 100% finalized. On the contrary, we highly encourage you to spread the word about your gigantic websites right from the beginning.


One Minute Video Presentation

To better understand where our team is coming from and what our value proposition is all about, we would strongly recommend watching the following one minute video presentation, which you can also find over at the One Minute Economics YouTube channel:



Additional Questions?

If you have any questions pertaining to our services, sending an email to yet again represents the way to go. We strive to always respond within 24 hours but please note that just like with any other new venture, there is a layer of unpredictability involved which could (among other things) affect response times as well.